Perl Mongers

Archive of presentation slides


Tuesday 14th November 2017
Jacob Lister Building a modular synthesiser with Perl
Tuesday 10th October 2017
Florent Mara Building an API with Mojolicious
Donovan Jones Dealing with X paste buffers (link 1, link 2)
Tuesday 9th August 2017 (Script Spotlight)
Grant McLean A 1-liner; an app ping; stats
Other speakers Other scripts
Tuesday 11th July 2017
Sam Crawley Crown of Conquest - A web based game in Perl
Tuesday 13th June 2017
Grant McLean What are braces for in Perl?
Tuesday 11th April 2017
Grant McLean Little Things Everyone Already Knows about Perl and stuff
Tuesday 14th March 2017 (Lightning Talks)
Grant McLean Utility Modules
Florent Mara My year of software development
Steve Piner Perl 6's XS Replacement
Martyn Smith Perl syntax checking :-(
Donovan Jones Abusing GitLab CI
Colton Vermilyea Perspectives of a Perl newbie
Olly Betts Circumventing Patents - A Case Study
Florent Mara Devtools / Devops
Grant McLean Devel::Canary
Tuesday 11th October 2016
Steve Piner Fibonacci in Perl 6 (speaker notes)
Grant McLean Redo of talk on "Exact cover" algorithm from 2008
Tuesday 13th September 2016
Videos from YAPC::Europe 2016 SawyerX: Perl 5 24 and the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance
Lightning Talks Day 1
Tuesday 9th August 2016
Florent Mara Perl6 Weather App
Olly Betts 3D mapping with frickin' lasers
Tuesday 12th July 2016
Donovan Jones The journey to a four tier application architecture and what to do when you get there
Grant McLean More Unicode stuff
Tuesday 10th May 2016
Andrew Maguire Devel::NYTProf
Tuesday 12th April 2016
Florent Mara Packaging problems and opportunities
Grant McLean A Database Migration Case Study
Tuesday 8th March 2016
Steve Craig stylehouse
Grant McLean "XML::LibXML by Example" - now live
Tuesday 9th February 2016 (Lightning Talks)
Martyn Smith Immutable state
Grant McLean XML::LibXML by example
Donovan Jones Grep without Guilt; Ansible
Florent Mara My year of software development
Tai Paul Test::ArrayOfScalars
Dmitry Shiltsov PL/Perl in Postgres
Andrew Maguire Devel::NYTProf; Getopt::Long
Tuesday 10th November 2015
Olly Betts Automating conversion of documents with LibreOffice (GitHub repo)
Grant McLean ack - a better grep
Tuesday 13th October 2015
Video: Jonathan Worthington @YAPC::Asia Parallelism, Concurrency, and Asynchrony in Perl 6 ( video, slides )
Tuesday 8th September 2015
Andrew Maguire OpenCV
Taras Klish YAPC::Asia 2015
Tuesday 11th August 2015
Grant McLean Postgres history tables
Richard Hector An auth daemon (code snapshot)
Tuesday 14th July 2015
Tai Paul Perl Critic
Tuesday 9th June 2015
Grant McLean A code reading exercise
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Grant McLean CPAN explained
Tuesday 14th April 2015
Dmitry Shiltsov Easy-to-read regular expressions
Grant McLean Codewars – Behind the scenes
Tuesday 10th March 2015
Olly Betts Google Cardboard (links: Project, video, three.js)
Grant McLean Recursive common table expressions
Donovan Jones The Distributed Developer's Stack
Tuesday 10th February 2015 (Lightning Talks)
Martyn Smith Wiki New Zealand
Tom Eastman Python for Perl developers (QNA)
Donovan Jones Perl Lib Rant
Lenz Gschwendtner Debugging Humans
Grant McLean Date/time module comparison
Florent Mara CPAN Pull Request Challenge
Tai Paul Book review: Becoming a Better Programmer
Lenz Gschwendtner Open plumbing
Grant McLean Common table expressions
Tuesday 14th October 2014
Raf Gemmail Moose and Testing
Tai Paul Debugging your brain
Tuesday 09th September 2014
Grant McLean Traits (and Moose Roles)
Tuesday 12th August 2014
Raf Gemmail Moose
Olly Betts Perl API Design
Tuesday 10th June 2014
Grant McLean (replays) Why XML::Simple Sucks
Test-Driven Development with Perl
Tuesday 13th May 2014
Grant McLean Perl Internals Part 2: XS
Lenz Gschwendtner Operator overloading
Tuesday 8th April 2014
Piers Harding R and the state of visualisation libraries
Grant McLean Exception handling revisited
Tuesday 11th March 2014
Olly Betts Perl and SWIG
Tuesday 11th February 2014 (Lightning Talks)
Grant McLean Finding files
Martyn Smith React JS UI library
Florent Mara Why I started coming to Wellington.pm
Hugh Davenport Embedded Security CTF
Lenz Gschwendtner Domain resolution .fail
Martyn Smith Quantum - a Python date/time library that doesn't suck
Grant McLean Code Reading
Tuesday 8th October 2013
Florent Mara Talend Open Studio, the Perl ETL IDE that was
Hugh Davenport A small chain of security bugs gone astray
Tuesday 10th September 2013
Lenz Gschwendtner Slicing the dinosaur - integrating Catalyst and Mojolicious with Plack
Grant McLean A peek inside Perl's internals (part I)
Tuesday 13th August 2013
Grant McLean Managing dependencies with cpanfile
Nigel McNie Journey to the Promised Land — If I can be Saved (by continuous delivery), so can you!
Tuesday 11th June 2013
Travis Holton DBIx::Class
Hugh Davenport Bug Bounties
Tuesday 14th May 2013
Richard Hector ASCA
Olly Betts Expand your search horizons
Wednesday 17th April 2013
Paul Fenwick The Perl Renaissance
Tuesday 12th March 2013
Grant McLean What is Wellington Perl Mongers?
Olly Betts Google Summer of Code
Tuesday 12th February 2013 (Lightning Talks)
Andy Chilton Introduction to Firefox OS
Hugh Davenport Zork Interpreter
Martyn Smith Die die die
Grant McLean Path::Tiny
Chris Tombleson Why Perl is Awesome
Alex Gough Ship Track
Lenz Gschwendtner Riemann, Riemann::Client, Graphite
Michael Schwern An awesome idea
Tuesday 13th November 2012
Grant McLean Writing jQuery Plugins
Hugh Davenport Managing dynamic IP's on a dedicated server (git repo)
Douglas Bagnall Using open source speech recognition software without an American accent
Tuesday 11th September 2012
Grant McLean Dancer
Martyn Smith Perl vs Python
Tuesday 10th July 2012
Lenz Gschwendtner Planet Express Ship
Martyn Smith Virtual environments; phantom-testlib (git repo)
Tuesday 12th June 2012
Grant McLean What's new around Perl 5 ?
Finlay Thompson Data Matching
Tuesday 15th May 2012
Matthew Gray GNOME 3
Grant McLean What's new in Perl 5 ?
Tuesday 17th April 2012
Douglas Bagnall A 5KB chess engine (github repo)
Olly Betts Walk through of a 1-line Tetris program (OSDC Video, slides)
Grant McLean Introducing Sammy.js
Tuesday 13th March 2012
Lenz Gschwendtner Continuous deployment for Perl Projects (github)
Matthew Gray Buffering
Tuesday 14th February 2012 (Lightning Talks)
Martyn Smith OpenShift
Grant McLean Need a map?
Donovan Jones Building an MTR-like interface with Perl
Matthew Gray Why you should root your phone
Andy Chilton Weird but useful JavaScript
Nigel McNie Lessons learned
Travis Holton Perl Secret Operators
Chris Tombleson CribzLib
François Marier Content Security Policy
Grant McLean Inspired
Tuesday 15th November 2011
Grant McLean The Map of CPAN project
Tuesday 11th October 2011
Peter Kelly HTML::TableExtract
Martyn Smith Async stuff
Grant McLean Coupling
Tuesday 9th August 2011
Martyn Smith HTTP::CDN
Nigel McNie Continuous Deployment
Tuesday 12th July 2011
Matthew Gray Aspect Oriented Programming
Lenz Gschwendtner Architecture of iWantMyName
Tuesday 14th June 2011
Speaker Topic
Donovan Jones Geek Quiz Night
Tuesday 10th May 2011
Matthew Gray Mason 2 (on CPAN)
François Marier Libravatar (web site)
Tuesday 12th April 2011
Matthew Gray Dist::Zilla
Grant McLean Dist::Zilla (a 2nd perspective)
Sam Vilain Binding to C and C++ libraries with XS
Tuesday 15th March 2011
Matthew Gray Try::Tiny
Martyn Smith Long Polling
Grant McLean Introduction to Plack
Tuesday 15th February 2011 (Lightning Talks)
Martyn Smith It's about time!
Donovan Jones Perl5i vs Modern::Perl
Michael Robinson Stuff
Kimmy Chirnside German or Perl? There isn't enough room for both?
Heiko Wanning A Tourist's Guide to Perl
Zane Moser Learning Perl
Grant McLean Using the igovt logon service from Perl
Douglas Bagnall Video Whale redux
Donovan Jones Scraping Worlds Without End
Tuesday 16th November 2010
Grant McLean Code Review of Davis::VantagePro
Olly Betts Exploring the Underworld with Free Software
Tuesday 12th October 2010
Olly Betts Modelling your data in Xapian
Douglas Bagnall Lua for Perlmongers
Tuesday 14th September 2010
Grant McLean Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
Andrew McMillan Calendaring Standards
Tuesday 13th July 2010
Lars Wirzenius Wellington.pm library in Koha
Dan Horne ETLp - A Simple ETL Framework (PDF)
Olly Betts userv
Tuesday 8th June 2010
Martyn Smith WebSockets and Node.JS
Sam Vilain The Joy of MooseX::
Tuesday 11th May 2010
Speaker Topic
Lenz Gschwendtner Mojolicious
Grant McLean Introduction to Clutter
Tuesday 9th March 2010
Speaker Topic
Finlay Thompson Introducing the R language
Tobias Kirschstein A live demo of Impromptu
Tuesday 9th February 2010 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Martyn Smith Chrome Extensions
Andy Chilton Google AppEngine
Grant McLean Approximately Normal
Donovan Jones dgrep
Steve Craig undef
Lenz Gschwendtner The Eye
Evan Giles An Unexpected Journey
Lesley Longhurst The Mordac Files (PDF)
Mark Kirkwood iostat mining
Nigel McNie Help me!
Grant McLean Pimp My GD::Graph
Tuesday 10th November 2009
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean A Year of CPAN (2009)
Olly Betts How search.gmane.org works
Martyn Smith Module::Reload
Andy Chilton Redis
Tuesday 13th October 2009
Speaker Topic
Tim Goddard Serving large sites with Perl, Nginx & Memcached
Mark Kirkwood On Being Prepared
Sam Vilain Metisse
Tuesday 8 September 2009
Speaker Topic
Brenda Wallace Net::DigitalNZ
Lenz Gschwendtner Message driven infrastructures (RabbitMQ, Net::AMQP)
Andy Chilton HTTP::Engine
Olly Betts Xapian
Tuesday 11 August 2009
Speaker Topic
Douglas Bagnall Escaping from TWiki
Sam Vilain Entering the 2009 ICFP Competition
Martyn Smith TKS
Grant McLean jQuery Plugin: Autocomplete
Tuesday 9 June 2009
Speaker Topic
Martyn Smith Database Inspection
Andrew McMillan Captain Abdul's Guide to PL Pirate SQL
Sam Vilain MojoMojo
Tuesday 12 May 2009
Speaker Topic
Donovan Jones Finding Lamers with Net::DNS
Grant McLean Devel::NYTProf
Andrew Boag ADSL Usage Monitoring
Andrew Boag Building a Staging Environment with OpenVZ
Tuesday 7 April 2009
Speaker Topic
Martyn Smith pii - Perl Interactive Interpreter
Grant McLean Encoding::FixLatin
Tuesday 10 March 2009 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Matt Hunt Open source hardware control with Perl
Sam Vilain MooseX::Method::Signatures
Andy Chilton Tie::DBI
Steve Craig File::Next
Mark Kirkwood DBIx::Compare
Lenz Gschwendtner CouchDB
Grant McLean Interesting places to store data
Brenda Wallace Net::Generatus
Andy Chilton Text::*
Lenz Gschwendtner Mochiweb
Srdjan Jankovic IF statement considered harmful
Donovan Jones KML Munging & Mountain Biking
Tobias Kirschstein MiniPAN
Tuesday 24 February 2009
Speaker Topic
Marcus Holland-Moritz Convert::Binary::C
Tuesday 4 November 2008
Speaker Topic
Chris Cormack Multi-national Perl Programming with Koha
Douglas Bagnall Review: Beautiful Code
Srdjan Jankovic Introduction to Apache::Test
Tuesday 14 October 2008
Speaker Topic
Martyn Smith Standalone Web Servers
Andy Chilton Perl Tidy
Grant McLean An Introduction to Moose
Tuesday 9 September 2008
Speaker Topic
Dan Horne Integrated Development Environments for Perl: Komodo and OptiPerl
Tuesday 12 August 2008
Speaker Topic
Brenda Wallace Opportunities for networking with geeks in Wellington
Sam Vilain Conversion of the Perl source history to git
Grant McLean HackOff 2008 - Under the Hood
Tuesday 15 July 2008
HackOff 2008 In July Wellington.pm hosted the HackOff 2008 event. If you missed it, you can still try your hand at solving the questions and read the review of how the teams did on the night.
Tuesday 10 June 2008
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Managing a static web site with Drupal and Perl
Martyn Smith Things I wish my Mother had told me about DBI
Andy Chilton cil - a first look at distributed bug tracking
Tuesday 8 April 2008
Speaker Topic
Andy Chilton Learning from Perl Golf
Grant McLean The Perfect Cover for Solving Problems
Finlay Thompson Parsing Postal Addresses with Parse::RecDescent
Tuesday 11 March 2008 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Don Christie The OOXML Standards Process
Billy Naylor Conquering the world with novelty
Andy Chilton Talking to Amazon Web Services
Martyn Smith MonkeyTail
François Marier Learning from 10 years of qmail bugs
Donovan Jones Subnet manipulation with Perl
Neil Bertram Virtual routing with Net::Patricia
Lenz Gschwendtner A generic daemon
Steve Craig Astro::FITS::CFITSIO::Simple
Grant McLean A Brief Tour of Acme
Andy Chilton Playing with Amazon Web Services
Martyn Smith mod_perl from scratch
Brenda Wallace What Bruce Schneier said at LCA
Tuesday 13 November 2007
Speaker Topic
Srdjan Jankovic How I used Perl threads (and survived)
Lenz Gschwendtner Forking Perl daemons
Grant McLean Perl taint mode
Tuesday 9 October 2007
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean bcvi - case study of a select()-based daemon
Evan Giles Event.pm
Sam Vilain Coro and STM
Tuesday 11 September 2007
Speaker Topic
Donovan Jones Using LibXML to generate KML for google maps mashups
Brenda Wallace and Neil Bertram Postgres - MySQL 'bake off' (OOo2)
Finlay Thompson POE
Tuesday 14 August 2007
Speaker Topic
Martyn Smith Data Hidden in Plain Sight … or is it?
Sam Vilain A Walkthrough of a DBIx::Class/Catalyst/TT Application
Tuesday 10 July 2007
Speaker Topic
Sam Vilain Lazy programming using pipes
Grant McLean Unicode in practice
Tuesday 12 June 2007
Speaker Topic
James Jones Perl powered Second Life Applications
Andy Chilton Consuming OpenIDs, Using Net::OpenID::Consumer
Tuesday 8 May 2007
Speaker Topic
Dan Jacka Win32::OLE and Perl
Paul Chilton A presentation about SiteLife
Tuesday 10 April 2007
Speaker Topic
Douglas Bagnall Randomness and Perl
Michael Robinson WNCK & DBus, an Example
Grant McLean A Simple Obfuscation
Sam Vilain Template::Plugin::Heritable
Tuesday 13 March 2007
Speaker Topic
Andy Chilton Using Multiple Mason Component Roots
Finlay Thompson An RSS to HTML case study
Tuesday 13 February 2007 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Why XML::Simple Sucks
Ewen McNeill Using closures with DBIx::Class transactions
Evan Giles Module::Pluggable
Sam Vilain Smart Matching in Perl 5.10
Matt Hunt Social Weather
Srdjan Jankovic Highlighting Regex Matches
Brenda Wallace LinuxChix in NZ
Michael Koziarski Collaboration between Ruby and Perl communities
Sam Vilain My First PIR Module
Grant McLean Text::VimColor
Tuesday 11 December 2006
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean The Perl Quiz Night
Tuesday 14 November 2006
Speaker Topic
Matt Hunt A brief introduction to LATEX
Sam Vilain Database - Slave or Master? (Tangram vs DBIx::Class)
Tuesday 12 October 2006
Speaker Topic
Brenda Wallace memcached
Andrew Boag log4perl (OOo)
Grant McLean Exception Handling in Perl
Tuesday 12 September 2006
Speaker Topic
Billy Naylor 'Compost' (a CMS in progress)
Srdjan Jankovic Class::Factory
Sam Vilain YAPC::EU 2006 Trip Report
Tuesday 8 August 2006
Speaker Topic
Brenda Wallace Managing Database Schema Patches with Perl
Grant McLean Ruby Intro for Perl Programmers
Tuesday 11 July 2006
Speaker Topic
Sam Vilain Moose - It's the new Camel!
Finlay Thompson DBIx::Class and Catalyst
Tuesday 13 June 2006
Speaker Topic
Peter Love How I Make a Living Using Perl
Grant McLean Test-Driven Development with Perl (+microtalk)
Tuesday 9 May 2006
Speaker Topic
Srdjan Jankovic Using CPAN for Fun and Profit
Michael Robinson Plucene
Tuesday 11 April 2006
Speaker Topic
Sam Vilain Perl 6 Now
Andrew McMillan Whereami? (OOo2), the code
Tuesday 14 March 2006
Speaker Topic
Finlay Thompson Higher Order Perl
Grant McLean A Data Munging Case Study
Monday 13 February 2006 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Michael Robinson Dealing with Stupid Corporate Firewalls using POE
Grant McLean What's a Scalar?
Lesley Walker My first MySQL/PHP project (OOo)
Sam Vilain How Type Theorists Saved the Perl 6 Project
Geoff Cant Introducing Erlang (PDF)
Finlay Thompson A Tricky Maintenance Problem
Andrew McMillan Whereami? (OOo2)
Don Christie ENUM - The Edge of Reason (OOo2)
Grant McLean Perl traps
Finlay Thompson CPAN Date/Time Modules
Monday 12 December 2005
Speaker Topic
Michael Robinson Perl Best Practices
Sam Vilain Higher Order Perl
Monday 14 November 2005
Speaker Topic
Matt Hunt Debugging
Andrew Ruthven The Catalyst Web Application Framework
Monday 10 October 2005
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Subversion - A Brief Tour
Sam Vilain SVK
Geoff Cant DARCS
Martin Langhoff GIT and Cogito
Monday 12 September 2005
Speaker Topic
Peter Kelly Introduction to CVS
Grant McLean OSCON 2005: Trip Report
Monday 11 July 2005
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Perl One-Liners - Using Perl from the Command Line
Grant McLean Using and Extending Sprog
Monday 13 June 2005
Speaker Topic
Sam Vilain Introduction to Perl6 and Pugs
Monday 9 May 2005
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Introduction to Perl Objects
Michael Robinson DBI
Monday 11 April 2005
Speaker Topic
Geoff Cant Working With SQLServer Schemas from Perl
Sam Vilain YAPC::Taipei
Monday 14 March 2005 (Lightning Talks)
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Core Jewels
Michael Robinson Making Perl Programs Smaller
Sam Vilain Scriptalicious
Simon Green Real Groovy Scraping
Finlay Thompson Using FAM From Perl
Peter Love Two Things
Grant McLean HTML Parsing (the easy way)
Monday 21 February 2005
Speaker Topic
Srdjan Jankovic Testing
Finlay Thompson Parse::RecDescent
Monday 13 December 2004
Speaker Topic
Peter Love GUI Programming with Tk
Grant McLean GUI Programming with Gtk
Monday 8 November 2004
Speaker Topic
Douglas Bagnall Perl versus Python
Michael Robinson Maypole
Monday 11 October 2004
Speaker Topic
Sam Vilain Tangram & Class::Tangram
Grant McLean Perl Regular Expressions
Monday 13 September 2004
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Introducing Perl - Episode I
Wednesday 12 February 2003
Speaker Topic
Damian Conway Quantum::Superpositions
Wednesday 4 July 2001
Speaker Topic
Shaun McCarthy The Template Toolkit
Grant McLean AxKit
Wednesday 2 May 2001
Speaker Topic
various Essential Perl Modules
Wednesday 14 March 2001
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean References & Objects
Wednesday 8 November 2000
Speaker Topic
Group Regular Expression workshop
Wednesday 6 September 2000
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Walkthrough of the System Release Tool
(a web publishing tool written in Perl)
Wednesday 5 July 2000
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Tricks of the DBI Masters
Steve Baker Using GTK from Perl
Wednesday 3 May 2000
Speaker Topic
Ewen McNeill State machines/code generation
Dan Morrison Doing something useful with XML
Dave Moskovitz Group discussion on Perl 5.6 (perl.com)
Wednesday 8 March 2000
Speaker Topic
Stephen Judd 'Beyond CGI' (mod_perl, embperl ...)
Grant McLean Packaging a Module for CPAN
Wednesday 1 September 1999
Speaker Topic
Grant McLean Trip Report: O'Reilly Open Source Conference