From:     Andrew Chilton
To:       Wellington Perl Mongers (Perl user group) 
Subject:  [Wellington-pm] Some Redis Links (and other datastores)

Hi everyone,

Sorry I was a bit unprepared for talking last night, but hopefully it
gave you some idea about what Redis can do. Here's some quick links if
you're interested:

* Project Homepage :
* Repo :
* Twitter Clone :

Some other key/value stores (document stores, non-relational, whatever
you want to call them):

* MongoDB :
* Cassandra :
* CouchDB :
* Scalaris :
* Tokyo Cabinet/Tyrant :
* Project Voldemort :
* MemcachedDB :
* HBase :

Some in the cloud ones:

* SimpleDB :
* AppEngine Datastore :
* BigTable :
* Dynamo :

If anyone knows any more, I'd be keen to know about them. Lots seem to
have cropped up over the last few years and I find it quite an
interesting subject area at the moment.