“Elementary numbers are worth a thousand words”

Decode the following data stream to produce a stream of bytes.

Each name-number yields a nybble (4 bits) of data. The 'name' refers to an element from the periodic table. The number 'n' refers to the nth letter of that element's chemical symbol. The lower 4 bits of that letter's ASCII representation are of interest. Concatenate two nybbles (high bits first) to get a byte.

The resulting stream of bytes will give a PNG file containing the next token as an image.

For example "Lead-2 Titanium-1" can be decoded to the byte 0x24 as follows:

        Lead-2      =>  Pb-2  =>  'b'  =>  0x62  =>  2
     +  Titanium-1  =>  Ti-1  =>  'T'  =>  0x24  =>  4
     => 0x24

And here's the data ...

Hafnium-1 Lithium-2 Tellurium-2 Praesodymium-1 Astatine-2 Neon-1 Thorium-1 Gadolinium-1 
Promethium-1 Molybdenum-1 Neptunium-2 Zinc-1 Protactinium-2 Zinc-1 Platinum-1 Zinc-1 
Promethium-1 Lead-1 Polonium-1 Polonium-1 Promethium-1 Neptunium-2 Plutonium-1 Curium-2 
Technetium-1 Lithium-2 Terbium-1 Mercury-1 Neodymium-2 Thulium-1 Tellurium-2 Berkelium-1 
Praesodymium-1 Phosphorus-1 Promethium-1 Phosphorus-1 Lead-1 Actinium-1 Bromine-2 Lutetium-1 
Polonium-1 Plutonium-1 Phosphorus-1 Platinum-1 Platinum-1 Phosphorus-1 Zinc-1 Promethium-1 
Polonium-1 Palladium-2 Platinum-1 Cesium-1 Promethium-1 Promethium-1 Phosphorus-1 Praesodymium-1 
Lead-1 Neptunium-2 Platinum-2 Terbium-1 Ruthenium-2 Hafnium-2 Terbium-1 Lanthanum-1 
Lutetium-2 Barium-2 Platinum-1 Platinum-1 Polonium-1 Praesodymium-1 Promethium-1 Promethium-1 
Gallium-2 Helium-1 Europium-1 Lead-1 Terbium-1 Lanthanum-1 Erbium-1 Gadolinium-2 
Palladium-2 Rhenium-2 Lead-1 Neptunium-2 Polonium-1 Scandium-2 Polonium-1 Protactinium-1 
Erbium-2 Yttrium-1 Berkelium-1 Zinc-1 Rubidium-2 Mercury-1 Europium-2 Arsenic-1 Germanium-2 Curium-1 
Lutetium-2 Neptunium-2 Francium-1 Francium-2 Vanadium-1 Titanium-1 Iron-1 Lanthanum-2 
Thorium-2 Zinc-1 Hafnium-1 Lanthanum-1 Helium-1 Nickel-2 Zinc-1 Helium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 
Zinc-1 Francium-1 Lutetium-1 Iron-1 Lithium-1 Helium-1 Lithium-1 Einsteinium-1 Cobalt-2 Samarium-2 
Holmium-2 Molybdenum-2 Holmium-2 Lanthanum-1 Protactinium-1 Aluminum-1 Protactinium-2 Molybdenum-2 
Lutetium-1 Cobalt-2 Einsteinium-1 Polonium-2 Promethium-1 Plutonium-1 Promethium-1 Phosphorus-1 
Praesodymium-1 Protactinium-1 Promethium-1 Calcium-2 Vanadium-1 Ruthenium-1 Neodymium-2 Krypton-1 
Platinum-2 Gadolinium-1 Terbium-1 Technetium-1 Platinum-1 Neptunium-2 Holmium-1 Thorium-2 
Polonium-1 Erbium-1 Calcium-2 Manganese-1 Tantalium-1 Hafnium-1 Phosphorus-1 Phosphorus-1 
Protactinium-1 Promethium-1 Polonium-1 Praesodymium-1 Platinum-1 Titanium-2 Gallium-1 Promethium-1 
Technetium-1 Thorium-2 Tellurium-2 Titanium-2 Magnesium-2 Antimony-1 Plutonium-1 Platinum-1 
Phosphorus-1 Protactinium-1 Platinum-1 Potassium-1 Lanthanum-2 Carbon-1 Plutonium-1 Phosphorus-1 
Protactinium-1 Protactinium-1 Promethium-1 Potassium-1 Astatine-1 Californium-1 Neptunium-2 Sodium-2 
Phosphorus-1 Platinum-1 Nickel-2 Zinc-1 Iodine-1 Lutetium-1 Arsenic-1 Hafnium-1 Praesodymium-1 Lead-1 
Polonium-1 Protactinium-1 Protactinium-1 Neptunium-2 Neptunium-2 Germanium-1 Germanium-1 Titanium-1 
Gadolinium-2 Titanium-2 Thulium-1 Fermium-2 Cadmium-2 Plutonium-2 Praesodymium-1 Germanium-1 
Curium-2 Holmium-1 Lead-1 Francium-1 Astatine-1 Hafnium-1 Polonium-1 Bismuth-2 Chromium-1 Indium-1 
Lanthanum-2 Magnesium-2 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Promethium-2 Erbium-2 Xenon-1 Samarium-2 Aluminum-2 Polonium-1 
Praesodymium-1 Platinum-1 Polonium-1 Plutonium-1 Plutonium-1 Francium-1 Nitrogen-1 Platinum-1 
Platinum-2 Dyprosium-2 Neodymium-2 Palladium-2 Terbium-1 Aluminum-1 Iron-2 Platinum-2 
Germanium-1 Thorium-2 Americium-2 Zinc-1 Nitrogen-1 Promethium-2 Magnesium-1 Potassium-1 
Palladium-2 Curium-2 Gallium-1 Gadolinium-1 Ytterbium-1 Zinc-1 Tellurium-1 Zinc-1 
Protactinium-2 Thorium-2 Protactinium-1 Praesodymium-1 Hafnium-2 Polonium-1 Samarium-1 Actinium-1 
Ytterbium-1 Zinc-1 Hafnium-2 Zinc-2 Nitrogen-1 Molybdenum-1 Iron-1 Thulium-2 Fermium-1 Zinc-2 
Krypton-1 Technetium-2 Scandium-1 Lutetium-2 Zinc-1 Neptunium-2 Potassium-1 Mercury-1 
Scandium-2 Einsteinium-1 Hafnium-2 Ruthenium-1 Gallium-1 Helium-2 Molybdenum-1 Krypton-1 
Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Praesodymium-1 Iodine-1 Beryllium-2 Potassium-1 Californium-2 Potassium-1 
Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Vanadium-1 Lutetium-1 Iodine-1 Cesium-2 Francium-1 Holmium-1 Iron-1 Dyprosium-1 
Iron-2 Potassium-1 Francium-2 Arsenic-2 Neptunium-2 Chlorine-2 Magnesium-2 Polonium-2 
Holmium-2 Holmium-2 Potassium-1 Nitrogen-1 Aluminum-1 Molybdenum-2 Cesium-1 Chlorine-1 
Chromium-1 Phosphorus-1 Sodium-2 Helium-1 Iron-1 Aluminum-2 Mercury-1 Thulium-1 Polonium-2 Fluorine-1 
Bismuth-2 Lanthanum-1 Zinc-1 Gadolinium-2 Neptunium-1 Magnesium-2 Promethium-1 Niobium-1 
Zinc-2 Wolfram-1 Lanthanum-1 Technetium-1 Actinium-2 Phosphorus-1 Strontium-1 Promethium-1 
Americium-1 Holmium-2 Neptunium-2 Cobalt-2 Niobium-2 Polonium-2 Polonium-1 Scandium-2 
Chlorine-1 Sulfur-1 Hafnium-2 Neptunium-2 Tellurium-2 Krypton-2 Terbium-1 Potassium-1 
Americium-2 Niobium-1 Indium-2 Xenon-2 Erbium-1 Berkelium-1 Curium-1 Antimony-1 Krypton-2 Lithium-1 
Lithium-1 Chlorine-1 Selenium-1 Bromine-1 Chromium-2 Lanthanum-1 Lanthanum-1 Antimony-1 
Strontium-1 Francium-2 Radon-1 Lutetium-1 Lutetium-1 Strontium-1 Cesium-1 Erbium-2 
Radium-1 Lutetium-1 Chlorine-2 Strontium-1 Chlorine-1 Barium-1 Iridium-2 Chlorine-2 
Aluminum-2 Carbon-1 Arsenic-2 Chromium-2 Radon-1 Lithium-1 Lithium-1 Selenium-1 Arsenic-2 Terbium-2 
Bromine-2 Chlorine-2 Chlorine-2 Tin-1 Molybdenum-2 Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 Potassium-1 
Rhenium-2 Holmium-1 Polonium-2 Gallium-2 Zinc-2 Aluminum-2 Rhenium-1 Fermium-2 Yttrium-1 Magnesium-2 
Cobalt-2 Neptunium-2 Radium-2 Mercury-1 Niobium-1 Krypton-1 Fluorine-1 Silver-2 Indium-2 Molybdenum-1 
Bromine-1 Samarium-2 Lithium-2 Germanium-1 Molybdenum-1 Nitrogen-1 Germanium-2 Lanthanum-2 
Titanium-2 Hafnium-2 Holmium-2 Molybdenum-1 Xenon-1 Francium-1 Aluminum-2 Potassium-1 
Americium-2 Lutetium-2 Oxygen-1 Krypton-1 Iron-1 Gadolinium-2 Americium-2 Dyprosium-2 
Holmium-1 Iron-1 Hafnium-2 Lutetium-2 Iron-2 Thorium-2 Holmium-1 Iron-1 Hafnium-2 Germanium-2 
Gold-2 Helium-1 Manganese-1 Cerium-2 Neon-2 Xenon-1 Cadmium-1 Helium-1 Praesodymium-1 Aluminum-2 
Terbium-1 Lithium-1 Cobalt-2 Chromium-1 Polonium-2 Ytterbium-1 Radium-2 Americium-2 
Tellurium-1 Lithium-1 Technetium-1 Polonium-2 Rhodium-2 Krypton-1 Hafnium-2 Zinc-1 
Americium-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Nitrogen-1 Lutetium-1 Thorium-2 Silver-2 Krypton-1 Krypton-1 Neptunium-2 
Germanium-1 Technetium-1 Potassium-1 Promethium-1 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Lithium-1 Actinium-1 
Potassium-1 Radium-2 Krypton-1 Curium-2 Chlorine-2 Neptunium-1 Polonium-2 Thorium-1 
Copper-2 Neodymium-2 Yttrium-1 Californium-2 Helium-1 Cesium-2 Strontium-2 Technetium-2 
Dyprosium-2 Cadmium-1 Iodine-1 Polonium-1 Tantalium-2 Ytterbium-1 Actinium-2 Manganese-1 
Lithium-1 Molybdenum-2 Zinc-1 Carbon-1 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Chlorine-2 Plutonium-2 Chlorine-2 Tantalium-1 
Germanium-1 Fluorine-1 Praesodymium-1 Thulium-1 Radium-1 Silver-2 Calcium-2 Curium-2 
Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Terbium-1 Tin-2 Neptunium-1 Fermium-2 Lithium-1 Platinum-1 Potassium-1 Aluminum-2 
Plutonium-1 Technetium-2 Thulium-2 Lanthanum-1 Protactinium-1 Zinc-2 Berkelium-1 Thulium-2 
Zinc-2 Strontium-1 Rhodium-2 Oxygen-1 Rhodium-2 Selenium-1 Molybdenum-1 Potassium-1 
Silver-1 Molybdenum-1 Palladium-2 Lutetium-1 Molybdenum-2 Radium-1 Cobalt-1 Iron-1 
Gallium-1 Potassium-1 Thorium-2 Aluminum-2 Molybdenum-1 Rhenium-2 Krypton-2 Niobium-1 
Vanadium-1 Lanthanum-1 Aluminum-2 Indium-2 Zinc-1 Indium-2 Copper-2 Copper-2 Bromine-2 Bismuth-2 
Promethium-2 Astatine-1 Manganese-1 Rhodium-2 Gold-1 Promethium-1 Yttrium-1 Rhenium-2 
Osmium-2 Potassium-1 Francium-2 Radium-2 Europium-1 Zinc-1 Chlorine-2 Dyprosium-2 
Fermium-1 Lanthanum-1 Fermium-2 Zinc-1 Einsteinium-1 Titanium-2 Magnesium-1 Potassium-1 
Holmium-2 Hafnium-2 Fermium-1 Zinc-1 Radon-2 Praesodymium-1 Iron-1 Tin-2 Potassium-1 Gallium-1 
Molybdenum-1 Potassium-1 Phosphorus-1 Iodine-1 Krypton-1 Europium-1 Lanthanum-2 Niobium-1 
Rhenium-1 Calcium-2 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Polonium-1 Potassium-1 Lithium-1 Bismuth-2 
Lithium-1 Cerium-2 Iron-1 Rhodium-2 Hafnium-2 Manganese-1 Americium-2 Oxygen-1 Molybdenum-1 Zinc-2 
Aluminum-2 Protactinium-2 Lanthanum-1 Zinc-1 Actinium-1 Californium-2 Arsenic-1 Krypton-1 
Gallium-1 Tellurium-2 Bromine-2 Chlorine-1 Protactinium-2 Helium-1 Vanadium-1 Phosphorus-1 
Lead-1 Gallium-1 Promethium-1 Neon-1 Zinc-1 Thorium-1 Molybdenum-1 Francium-1 Cobalt-2 Xenon-1 
Krypton-1 Radium-2 Aluminum-2 Platinum-1 Holmium-1 Cobalt-2 Rhodium-2 Americium-2 
Germanium-1 Thulium-2 Promethium-1 Potassium-1 Nickel-2 Cobalt-2 Thulium-1 Technetium-2 
Holmium-2 Thorium-2 Magnesium-2 Ytterbium-1 Barium-2 Zinc-1 Hafnium-2 Promethium-1 
Potassium-1 Dyprosium-1 Thorium-2 Rubidium-1 Lithium-1 Manganese-1 Lithium-1 Chlorine-2 
Iron-2 Potassium-1 Francium-1 Tantalium-2 Cobalt-2 Indium-2 Radium-1 Niobium-1 Iodine-1 Vanadium-1 
Radon-2 Lutetium-1 Francium-1 Promethium-1 Potassium-1 Francium-1 Niobium-1 Zinc-2 
Nickel-2 Samarium-2 Fluorine-1 Curium-2 Iridium-2 Molybdenum-2 Ruthenium-1 Europium-1 
Rhodium-2 Potassium-1 Chlorine-2 Zinc-1 Americium-2 Ytterbium-1 Promethium-2 Palladium-2 
Lanthanum-1 Lithium-1 Zinc-1 Cobalt-2 Holmium-2 Potassium-1 Bismuth-2 Iron-1 Platinum-1 Curium-1 
Lanthanum-1 Wolfram-1 Samarium-2 Molybdenum-2 Fermium-2 Manganese-1 Manganese-1 Krypton-1 
Silver-2 Hafnium-2 Cesium-1 Helium-1 Neodymium-1 Xenon-1 Lutetium-1 Erbium-1 Lithium-1 Potassium-1 
Boron-1 Ruthenium-2 Krypton-1 Actinium-1 Neodymium-2 Cadmium-2 Krypton-1 Erbium-2 
Phosphorus-1 Phosphorus-1 Indium-1 Hafnium-2 Hafnium-1 Krypton-1 Chlorine-2 Ytterbium-1 
Helium-1 Nickel-1 Arsenic-1 Xenon-1 Polonium-1 Zinc-1 Fluorine-1 Molybdenum-2 Silver-1 Iodine-1 
Chlorine-2 Neodymium-2 Technetium-1 Potassium-1 Hafnium-2 Fluorine-1 Vanadium-1 Calcium-2 
Platinum-2 Lutetium-1 Copper-1 Zinc-1 Hafnium-2 Niobium-2 Krypton-1 Iodine-1 Krypton-1 Lithium-1 
Tin-2 Potassium-1 Mercury-1 Zinc-1 Tin-2 Germanium-2 Boron-1 Zinc-1 Magnesium-2 Iridium-2 
Californium-2 Plutonium-1 Dyprosium-1 Molybdenum-1 Platinum-1 Lanthanum-1 Oxygen-1 Chlorine-2 
Zinc-1 Gallium-1 Neptunium-1 Tellurium-2 Rhodium-2 Oxygen-1 Indium-2 Tantalium-2 
Copper-1 Rhenium-1 Silver-2 Lithium-1 Holmium-2 Zinc-1 Tantalium-1 Sodium-2 Americium-1 Astatine-1 
Holmium-2 Aluminum-1 Protactinium-2 Polonium-2 Radon-1 Dyprosium-2 Tellurium-1 Carbon-1 
Potassium-1 Rhodium-2 Magnesium-2 Platinum-1 Polonium-2 Gadolinium-1 Zinc-1 Copper-1 
Silver-2 Xenon-1 Promethium-2 Protactinium-1 Lutetium-1 Iron-2 Californium-1 Zinc-1 
Copper-2 Lithium-1 Mercury-1 Hafnium-1 Molybdenum-2 Sodium-1 Copper-2 Californium-2 
Potassium-1 Niobium-2 Hafnium-2 Promethium-1 Chlorine-2 Technetium-2 Hafnium-2 Zinc-1 
Francium-1 Cobalt-2 Technetium-1 Cerium-1 Dyprosium-1 Neptunium-2 Tellurium-1 Molybdenum-2 
Vanadium-1 Zirconium-2 Ruthenium-2 Silver-1 Calcium-2 Mercury-1 Gadolinium-1 Zinc-1 
Astatine-1 Potassium-1 Plutonium-1 Indium-2 Gallium-1 Thorium-2 Barium-1 Wolfram-1 
Holmium-2 Fluorine-1 Helium-1 Selenium-2 Ruthenium-1 Wolfram-1 Barium-2 Lead-1 Praesodymium-1 Astatine-1 
Gallium-2 Francium-1 Scandium-1 Cobalt-2 Rhodium-2 Calcium-2 Thulium-1 Mercury-1 
Potassium-1 Zinc-1 Germanium-1 Potassium-1 Molybdenum-1 Zinc-1 Magnesium-1 Radium-2 
Zinc-1 Germanium-2 Iridium-1 Copper-1 Samarium-2 Xenon-1 Holmium-1 Titanium-2 Selenium-1 Manganese-1 
Technetium-2 Zinc-1 Iridium-1 Promethium-1 Lutetium-1 Neodymium-1 Radium-2 Zinc-1 
Lithium-1 Oxygen-1 Molybdenum-2 Thulium-1 Gadolinium-1 Iron-1 Zinc-2 Lead-1 Cadmium-2 Molybdenum-2 
Potassium-1 Radium-2 Iridium-1 Hafnium-1 Potassium-1 Polonium-2 Potassium-1 Platinum-1 
Iron-2 Samarium-1 Tellurium-2 Vanadium-1 Helium-1 Thulium-1 Thorium-1 Iridium-1 Calcium-1 Gallium-1 
Holmium-1 Fermium-1 Lithium-2 Hafnium-1 Gadolinium-1 Tellurium-1 Potassium-1 Actinium-1 
Protactinium-1 Niobium-1 Aluminum-1 Gadolinium-1 Zinc-1 Lead-2 Titanium-2 Oxygen-1 
Krypton-1 Ruthenium-1 Rhenium-1 Chromium-2 Vanadium-1 Cobalt-2 Cadmium-1 Thorium-2 
Calcium-1 Helium-1 Scandium-1 Iridium-1 Einsteinium-1 Zinc-1 Indium-1 Mercury-1 Gallium-2 Zinc-1 
Cobalt-2 Gadolinium-2 Plutonium-1 Titanium-1 Lithium-2 Thulium-2 Bromine-2 Zinc-1 
Vanadium-1 Polonium-1 Selenium-1 Iridium-1 Zinc-2 Gallium-2 Lead-1 Fluorine-1 Plutonium-2 Helium-1 
Platinum-1 Radon-1 Terbium-1 Potassium-1 Gadolinium-1 Gallium-1 Iodine-1 Chromium-1 
Palladium-2 Iodine-1 Lutetium-1 Zinc-1 Wolfram-1 Rubidium-1 Sodium-1 Promethium-1 
Indium-2 Lutetium-1 Thorium-2 Gadolinium-2 Ytterbium-1 Cadmium-1 Thulium-1 Sodium-1 
Krypton-1 Rhenium-1 Silver-2 Curium-2 Zinc-1 Technetium-1 Holmium-2 Rhodium-2 Fermium-2 Zinc-1 
Platinum-2 Neptunium-1 Krypton-1 Berkelium-1 Samarium-2 Thulium-2 Astatine-2 Rubidium-2 
Krypton-1 Platinum-2 Lanthanum-1 Titanium-1 Neon-2 Carbon-1 Bromine-2 Barium-2 Praesodymium-1 Potassium-1 
Antimony-1 Polonium-1 Gold-2 Neptunium-2 Barium-2 Zinc-1 Neon-1 Zinc-1 Germanium-1 Platinum-1 
Cesium-2 Gadolinium-1 Neodymium-1 Radium-2 Iridium-1 Samarium-2 Francium-1 Krypton-2 
Fluorine-1 Silver-1 Oxygen-1 Magnesium-2 Beryllium-2 Chlorine-2 Iodine-1 Holmium-2 
Germanium-1 Francium-2 Rhodium-2 Scandium-1 Americium-2 Praesodymium-1 Zinc-1 Scandium-2 
Cadmium-1 Beryllium-2 Ytterbium-1 Chromium-1 Curium-2 Gallium-2 Krypton-1 Francium-2 
Thorium-1 Gallium-1 Promethium-1 Rhodium-1 Zinc-1 Calcium-1 Rhodium-2 Rhenium-2 Molybdenum-1 Gallium-1 
Curium-2 Neodymium-2 Zinc-1 Molybdenum-1 Astatine-1 Fermium-1 Krypton-2 Fermium-2 
Polonium-1 Gadolinium-1 Thorium-2 Platinum-2 Cobalt-2 Radon-2 Zinc-1 Tellurium-1 
Aluminum-1 Californium-1 Chlorine-2 Cobalt-2 Cerium-1 Hafnium-1 Europium-2 Zinc-1 
Magnesium-2 Silver-2 Thorium-1 Nickel-1 Potassium-1 Boron-1 Barium-2 Antimony-2 Silver-2 Gadolinium-1 
Potassium-1 Francium-1 Polonium-2 Holmium-2 Fluorine-1 Cerium-1 Lutetium-2 Zinc-1 
Lanthanum-2 Aluminum-2 Zinc-1 Fermium-2 Phosphorus-1 Tantalium-1 Zinc-1 Scandium-1 
Phosphorus-1 Cerium-2 Silver-2 Bismuth-2 Curium-2 Promethium-2 Cobalt-1 Ruthenium-2 
Rhenium-2 Californium-2 Ruthenium-1 Wolfram-1 Molybdenum-2 Potassium-1 Samarium-2 Fermium-1 
Francium-1 Chlorine-2 Gallium-1 Fermium-1 Calcium-2 Scandium-1 Thulium-2 Nickel-2 
Wolfram-1 Terbium-1 Krypton-1 Aluminum-1 Iridium-1 Neon-1 Promethium-2 Lanthanum-1 
Potassium-1 Silver-2 Calcium-1 Californium-2 Germanium-1 Lanthanum-1 Californium-1 Nickel-2 
Promethium-1 Lanthanum-2 Lithium-1 Potassium-1 Platinum-1 Ytterbium-1 Plutonium-1 Gadolinium-2 
Holmium-2 Germanium-1 Bromine-1 Thorium-1 Dyprosium-1 Germanium-1 Praesodymium-1 Lutetium-1 
Iodine-1 Cerium-1 Hafnium-1 Lanthanum-2 Hafnium-2 Boron-1 Iron-1 Tantalium-2 Sodium-1 Magnesium-2 
Helium-1 Selenium-1 Iron-1 Hafnium-1 Lanthanum-1 Neon-2 Potassium-1 Lead-1 Barium-2 Samarium-2 
Samarium-2 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Krypton-1 Holmium-1 Arsenic-1 Potassium-1 Neodymium-1 
Neon-1 Rhenium-2 Rhodium-2 Tantalium-1 Promethium-1 Potassium-1 Arsenic-1 Potassium-1 
Platinum-2 Nickel-1 Zinc-1 Francium-2 Iridium-1 Magnesium-2 Francium-1 Gallium-1 
Lithium-1 Tantalium-2 Zinc-1 Lithium-1 Americium-2 Wolfram-1 Aluminum-2 Magnesium-2 
Krypton-1 Radon-2 Rubidium-1 Tellurium-2 Radon-1 Protactinium-1 Radium-2 Krypton-1 
Neodymium-1 Terbium-1 Silver-2 Neon-2 Promethium-2 Magnesium-2 Gadolinium-1 Hafnium-2 
Zinc-1 Promethium-1 Xenon-2 Helium-1 Fermium-2 Curium-2 Potassium-1 Copper-2 Polonium-2 Wolfram-1 
Niobium-2 Einsteinium-1 Sulfur-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Ytterbium-1 Californium-2 Oxygen-1 
Calcium-1 Astatine-1 Rhodium-2 Potassium-1 Radon-1 Indium-2 Californium-2 Sodium-1 
Fluorine-1 Terbium-2 Iron-1 Arsenic-1 Polonium-1 Samarium-2 Iridium-2 Indium-2 Radon-1 Technetium-1 
Tantalium-2 Polonium-2 Lutetium-1 Gallium-1 Francium-1 Krypton-1 Promethium-2 Krypton-1 
Hafnium-1 Cobalt-2 Protactinium-1 Radon-2 Molybdenum-2 Zinc-1 Actinium-1 Fermium-1 
Magnesium-2 Lithium-1 Astatine-2 Fermium-1 Cobalt-2 Helium-1 Krypton-1 Barium-2 Lithium-1 Gadolinium-1 
Lithium-1 Krypton-1 Actinium-1 Plutonium-2 Technetium-1 Zinc-2 Krypton-2 Krypton-2 
Magnesium-2 Francium-1 Protactinium-1 Platinum-1 Nickel-2 Americium-2 Neptunium-1 Plutonium-2 
Californium-2 Platinum-1 Samarium-2 Americium-2 Lanthanum-2 Carbon-1 Niobium-2 Helium-1 
Americium-1 Arsenic-2 Titanium-1 Dyprosium-1 Lutetium-2 Rhodium-2 Fluorine-1 Radium-1 
Plutonium-1 Thulium-2 Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 Dyprosium-1 Tin-2 Lutetium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Rubidium-2 
Dyprosium-2 Tin-1 Magnesium-2 Helium-1 Neptunium-2 Antimony-2 Lanthanum-1 Krypton-1 
Lithium-1 Fermium-1 Europium-2 Potassium-1 Promethium-1 Holmium-2 Magnesium-1 Neodymium-1 
Hafnium-1 Germanium-1 Neon-1 Thorium-2 Holmium-2 Hafnium-2 Cobalt-1 Gadolinium-2 
Titanium-2 Platinum-1 Europium-1 Krypton-1 Neon-2 Titanium-1 Actinium-1 Rhenium-1 
Molybdenum-2 Iron-1 Cesium-1 Holmium-1 Gold-1 Radon-2 Zinc-2 Samarium-2 Nickel-2 Gadolinium-1 
Germanium-1 Gadolinium-1 Lead-2 Barium-2 Aluminum-2 Oxygen-1 Zinc-2 Vanadium-1 Magnesium-2 Potassium-1 
Sodium-2 Palladium-2 Gadolinium-1 Molybdenum-2 Californium-2 Praesodymium-1 Antimony-1 Nitrogen-1 
Fermium-2 Nickel-1 Zinc-1 Hafnium-1 Potassium-1 Beryllium-1 Tellurium-2 Phosphorus-1 
Europium-2 Rhenium-2 Magnesium-2 Platinum-2 Lithium-1 Germanium-1 Lanthanum-1 Chlorine-1 
Indium-1 Ytterbium-2 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Praesodymium-1 Indium-2 Manganese-1 Potassium-1 
Tellurium-2 Chromium-1 Palladium-2 Curium-2 Gadolinium-1 Radium-2 Potassium-1 Lithium-2 
Rhodium-2 Gallium-2 Astatine-1 Dyprosium-2 Radium-2 Sulfur-1 Lead-1 Magnesium-1 Lanthanum-1 Potassium-1 
Potassium-1 Neptunium-2 Lead-1 Lithium-1 Lutetium-1 Potassium-1 Krypton-1 Phosphorus-1 
Protactinium-1 Lutetium-1 Sodium-1 Krypton-1 Cerium-2 Manganese-1 Krypton-1 Samarium-2 
Calcium-2 Zinc-1 Fermium-2 Iodine-1 Krypton-1 Curium-2 Indium-2 Selenium-2 Iodine-1 Potassium-1 
Technetium-2 Francium-1 Vanadium-1 Calcium-2 Lutetium-2 Hafnium-1 Hafnium-1 Californium-2 
Fluorine-1 Europium-2 Einsteinium-1 Thorium-2 Hafnium-1 Californium-2 Iron-1 Iron-2 
Beryllium-2 Mercury-1 Thorium-2 Hafnium-2 Cobalt-2 Einsteinium-1 Lutetium-2 Gallium-1 
Krypton-1 Protactinium-1 Iridium-1 Nickel-1 Neon-1 Lead-1 Holmium-2 Yttrium-1 Potassium-1 Lithium-2 
Gadolinium-2 Zinc-1 Fluorine-1 Californium-1 Krypton-1 Lithium-2 Wolfram-1 Barium-1 
Hafnium-2 Niobium-2 Wolfram-1 Nickel-2 Potassium-1 Cesium-2 Technetium-2 Zinc-1 Rhenium-2 Zinc-1 
Nitrogen-1 Californium-1 Rhodium-1 Lithium-2 Zinc-1 Lithium-1 Molybdenum-1 Thorium-2 
Zinc-1 Technetium-2 Nickel-1 Germanium-2 Hafnium-2 Vanadium-1 Terbium-2 Potassium-1 
Hafnium-1 Potassium-1 Lutetium-2 Lanthanum-1 Indium-2 Actinium-2 Yttrium-1 Gadolinium-1 
Chromium-1 Ytterbium-2 Polonium-2 Dyprosium-1 Aluminum-2 Praesodymium-2 Promethium-1 Tellurium-1 
Yttrium-1 Neptunium-1 Indium-2 Gadolinium-2 Krypton-1 Thulium-2 Barium-1 Praesodymium-1 
Technetium-1 Nickel-2 Wolfram-1 Neptunium-2 Fermium-1 Molybdenum-2 Neodymium-2 Holmium-1 
Lead-1 Ytterbium-1 Chlorine-2 Polonium-2 Polonium-2 Cadmium-1 Plutonium-2 Lutetium-2 
Silver-2 Fermium-1 Potassium-1 Titanium-2 Terbium-2 Americium-1 Magnesium-1 Iodine-1 
Holmium-2 Cesium-1 Tellurium-2 Californium-2 Rhenium-1 Thorium-2 Cobalt-2 Gadolinium-1 
Antimony-2 Curium-2 Zirconium-2 Magnesium-1 Thorium-2 Germanium-1 Titanium-1 Polonium-2 
Radon-2 Thorium-2 Nickel-2 Mercury-1 Potassium-1 Helium-1 Hafnium-2 Platinum-1 Thulium-1 Krypton-1 
Thulium-2 Chlorine-2 Thorium-2 Californium-2 Silver-2 Beryllium-2 Iron-1 Potassium-1 
Rhenium-2 Thulium-1 Yttrium-1 Berkelium-1 Potassium-1 Selenium-2 Dyprosium-2 Magnesium-2 
Erbium-1 Holmium-2 Plutonium-1 Cobalt-2 Lutetium-2 Iodine-1 Ruthenium-2 Palladium-2 
Zinc-1 Gold-2 Niobium-1 Helium-1 Gadolinium-1 Tin-1 Neodymium-1 Zinc-1 Cerium-2 Oxygen-1 
Tellurium-2 Hafnium-1 Lithium-1 Germanium-1 Indium-2 Zinc-1 Zirconium-2 Sodium-1 
Zinc-1 Americium-1 Astatine-1 Lutetium-1 Boron-1 Chlorine-2 Vanadium-1 Radium-2 Curium-2 Zirconium-2 
Zinc-1 Erbium-2 Aluminum-2 Molybdenum-1 Ytterbium-1 Gadolinium-1 Praesodymium-2 Zinc-1 
Krypton-1 Krypton-1 Magnesium-1 Lithium-1 Iridium-1 Polonium-1 Magnesium-1 Lutetium-1 
Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Californium-2 Cobalt-2 Bismuth-2 Fluorine-1 Krypton-1 Neptunium-1 
Hafnium-2 Einsteinium-1 Neon-1 Lutetium-2 Dyprosium-2 Beryllium-1 Neptunium-1 Technetium-1 
Indium-1 Aluminum-1 Calcium-2 Strontium-1 Protactinium-2 Wolfram-1 Zinc-1 Palladium-2 
Zinc-2 Rubidium-1 Titanium-2 Lead-2 Tin-1 Cerium-2 Krypton-1 Gadolinium-1 Aluminum-1 Zinc-1 
Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Iron-2 Vanadium-1 Chlorine-2 Sulfur-1 Fermium-2 Gadolinium-1 Thorium-2 Lithium-1 
Phosphorus-1 Holmium-2 Chromium-2 Zinc-1 Sodium-1 Astatine-1 Calcium-1 Copper-1 Niobium-1 Krypton-1 
Calcium-1 Aluminum-2 Lithium-1 Polonium-2 Molybdenum-2 Zinc-1 Dyprosium-2 Phosphorus-1 
Samarium-1 Lithium-1 Barium-2 Silver-2 Potassium-1 Selenium-1 Ytterbium-1 Sodium-1 
Krypton-1 Einsteinium-1 Magnesium-2 Radon-1 Gadolinium-2 Ytterbium-1 Zinc-1 Lanthanum-1 
Calcium-2 Rhodium-1 Terbium-1 Thorium-2 Iridium-1 Nickel-2 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Lutetium-1 Carbon-1 
Lead-1 Neodymium-1 Niobium-2 Krypton-1 Krypton-1 Terbium-2 Silver-1 Zinc-1 Antimony-1 Lead-2 
Thulium-1 Rhodium-1 Krypton-1 Astatine-2 Lithium-2 Chlorine-2 Cobalt-2 Chromium-1 
Magnesium-2 Zinc-1 Niobium-2 Cesium-2 Chlorine-2 Oxygen-1 Arsenic-2 Zinc-1 Thulium-1 Cobalt-2 
Germanium-1 Francium-1 Chlorine-2 Cerium-2 Zinc-1 Lanthanum-1 Potassium-1 Nitrogen-1 
Einsteinium-1 Nitrogen-1 Aluminum-2 Dyprosium-2 Potassium-1 Molybdenum-1 Cadmium-2 Zinc-1 
Magnesium-1 Neodymium-2 Thorium-2 Barium-2 Iodine-1 Lead-1 Helium-2 Fermium-1 Wolfram-1 Polonium-2 
Iron-2 Yttrium-1 Ytterbium-1 Actinium-1 Plutonium-1 Lutetium-2 Hafnium-2 Magnesium-1 
Zinc-1 Germanium-2 Lanthanum-1 Germanium-1 Hafnium-1 Nickel-2 Curium-1 Ruthenium-2 
Copper-2 Radon-1 Lithium-2 Molybdenum-2 Lutetium-1 Xenon-1 Krypton-1 Cadmium-1 Iodine-1 Zinc-1 
Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Chlorine-2 Titanium-2 Plutonium-1 Calcium-1 Germanium-2 Californium-2 
Zinc-1 Aluminum-2 Rhenium-2 Magnesium-2 Krypton-2 Rubidium-1 Polonium-2 Cesium-1 
Gallium-1 Radium-1 Zinc-2 Chlorine-2 Polonium-2 Boron-1 Gadolinium-2 Germanium-1 
Xenon-2 Promethium-2 Helium-1 Titanium-2 Americium-2 Neon-2 Neon-1 Osmium-2 Xenon-1 Tantalium-1 
Chromium-2 Germanium-2 Iron-1 Sulfur-1 Fermium-2 Indium-2 Neon-1 Iron-1 Einsteinium-1 Francium-1 
Gallium-1 Palladium-2 Iron-2 Californium-2 Radon-2 Selenium-1 Praesodymium-1 Mercury-1 
Fermium-1 Krypton-1 Yttrium-1 Gallium-1 Iodine-1 Californium-2 Polonium-1 Cobalt-1 
Technetium-1 Dyprosium-2 Astatine-2 Cadmium-2 Krypton-1 Polonium-2 Einsteinium-1 Potassium-1 
Sodium-2 Aluminum-2 Zinc-1 Actinium-1 Californium-2 Chlorine-2 Titanium-1 Holmium-2 
Krypton-1 Molybdenum-1 Technetium-2 Lutetium-1 Aluminum-2 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Niobium-2 
Technetium-1 Zinc-1 Strontium-1 Neodymium-1 Magnesium-2 Tin-1 Chromium-2 Erbium-1 
Zinc-1 Carbon-1 Nickel-1 Holmium-2 Thulium-2 Aluminum-2 Gadolinium-1 Protactinium-1 
Dyprosium-2 Potassium-1 Cerium-2 Krypton-1 Samarium-2 Protactinium-2 Erbium-1 Ytterbium-1 
Californium-2 Silver-2 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Astatine-1 Lutetium-1 Potassium-1 Praesodymium-1 
Sodium-1 Hafnium-1 Fermium-2 Magnesium-2 Nickel-1 Mercury-1 Helium-1 Sodium-2 Berkelium-1 Selenium-2 
Magnesium-1 Tellurium-1 Lithium-1 Cobalt-2 Californium-1 Sodium-1 Californium-2 Holmium-2 
Holmium-2 Xenon-1 Zinc-1 Thulium-1 Molybdenum-1 Curium-1 Bismuth-2 Neon-1 Americium-2 Potassium-1 
Zinc-1 Molybdenum-2 Protactinium-2 Lithium-1 Holmium-2 Hafnium-1 Potassium-1 Iridium-2 
Zinc-1 Lanthanum-1 Molybdenum-2 Copper-1 Lithium-2 Helium-1 Iridium-2 Potassium-1 
Zinc-1 Gold-1 Nitrogen-1 Molybdenum-2 Hafnium-1 Zinc-1 Thulium-1 Selenium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 
Arsenic-2 Gadolinium-1 Iron-1 Phosphorus-1 Europium-2 Fermium-1 Bromine-1 Cobalt-2 
Aluminum-2 Silver-2 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Boron-1 Gallium-1 Iron-2 Cobalt-2 Lead-1 Potassium-1 
Beryllium-2 Lithium-2 Krypton-1 Thorium-1 Copper-1 Copper-2 Rhodium-2 Lanthanum-1 
Molybdenum-2 Helium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Antimony-2 Lead-1 Copper-2 Samarium-2 Terbium-1 Oxygen-1 
Molybdenum-2 Promethium-1 Astatine-2 Indium-1 Bismuth-2 Molybdenum-2 Astatine-1 Arsenic-2 
Hafnium-1 Holmium-1 Krypton-1 Chromium-2 Helium-2 Helium-2 Vanadium-1 Protactinium-1 
Xenon-2 Gold-1 Francium-2 Krypton-1 Potassium-1 Chromium-2 Niobium-1 Germanium-1 
Krypton-2 Palladium-2 Antimony-1 Zinc-1 Indium-2 Potassium-1 Cesium-1 Lutetium-1 
Lithium-1 Gallium-1 Potassium-1 Boron-1 Ruthenium-2 Palladium-2 Magnesium-1 Oxygen-1 
Strontium-1 Neodymium-1 Vanadium-1 Neptunium-2 Polonium-2 Cerium-2 Scandium-2 Chlorine-1 
Bismuth-2 Iron-1 Protactinium-1 Lanthanum-1 Lithium-2 Lead-1 Rhenium-1 Molybdenum-2 
Scandium-1 Rhodium-2 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Neon-2 Cobalt-2 Neon-1 Nickel-2 Iron-1 Platinum-1 
Praesodymium-2 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Carbon-1 Samarium-2 Zinc-1 Tellurium-2 Titanium-2 
Lutetium-1 Oxygen-1 Chlorine-2 Bismuth-2 Potassium-1 Actinium-1 Protactinium-2 Zinc-1 
Scandium-1 Ytterbium-1 Rhenium-2 Fluorine-1 Cadmium-2 Manganese-1 Lutetium-2 Manganese-1 
Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 Gadolinium-1 Copper-2 Titanium-2 Polonium-2 Rhenium-1 Fermium-2 Xenon-1 
Silver-2 Lutetium-1 Lutetium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Plutonium-1 Lutetium-2 Hafnium-1 Curium-1 Oxygen-1 
Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Krypton-1 Radium-1 Polonium-2 Zinc-1 Gold-1 Lithium-2 Rhodium-2 Potassium-1 
Astatine-2 Holmium-2 Zinc-1 Berkelium-1 Chlorine-2 Cobalt-2 Helium-1 Rhodium-1 Gadolinium-1 Zinc-1 
Titanium-2 Zinc-2 Gold-1 Lutetium-2 Sodium-2 Francium-1 Krypton-1 Scandium-1 Oxygen-1 Holmium-1 
Niobium-1 Zinc-1 Holmium-1 Thorium-2 Einsteinium-1 Cobalt-2 Potassium-1 Protactinium-1 
Polonium-2 Holmium-1 Zinc-1 Thulium-1 Plutonium-2 Krypton-1 Manganese-1 Tellurium-2 
Gold-2 Lithium-2 Einsteinium-1 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Titanium-1 Oxygen-1 Chlorine-2 
Zinc-2 Hafnium-1 Bromine-2 Actinium-2 Praesodymium-2 Lithium-1 Arsenic-2 Erbium-2 
Erbium-1 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Plutonium-2 Osmium-2 Promethium-1 Aluminum-2 Magnesium-2 
Praesodymium-1 Zinc-1 Xenon-2 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Polonium-2 Krypton-1 Chlorine-1 Indium-2 Francium-1 
Holmium-1 Wolfram-1 Ytterbium-2 Lutetium-1 Scandium-1 Rhodium-2 Xenon-2 Polonium-1 
Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 Krypton-1 Lanthanum-2 Radium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Lutetium-1 Lithium-2 
Thulium-1 Germanium-1 Samarium-2 Helium-2 Iodine-1 Tantalium-1 Magnesium-2 Krypton-1 
Indium-1 Hafnium-1 Indium-2 Xenon-2 Radon-2 Wolfram-1 Iron-2 Helium-1 Potassium-1 Magnesium-2 
Zinc-1 Polonium-2 Potassium-1 Erbium-2 Actinium-1 Zinc-1 Gallium-1 Iodine-1 Magnesium-1 Francium-1 
Molybdenum-2 Chlorine-2 Fluorine-1 Lead-1 Indium-2 Neptunium-2 Zinc-1 Iridium-1 Lithium-1 Promethium-1 
Germanium-2 Rhenium-1 Cobalt-2 Gallium-1 Gallium-1 Phosphorus-1 Rhenium-2 Molybdenum-2 
Californium-2 Gallium-1 Oxygen-1 Einsteinium-1 Wolfram-1 Niobium-2 Zinc-1 Aluminum-2 
Indium-1 Actinium-1 Potassium-1 Chlorine-2 Protactinium-1 Iodine-1 Lutetium-1 Indium-1 
Lead-1 Curium-2 Promethium-2 Krypton-1 Tellurium-2 Gadolinium-1 Iron-2 Nickel-2 Cobalt-2 Gallium-1 
Promethium-1 Wolfram-1 Promethium-1 Samarium-1 Cadmium-2 Oxygen-1 Osmium-2 Indium-1 
Iridium-1 Francium-1 Radon-2 Lead-1 Oxygen-1 Krypton-1 Radium-2 Fluorine-1 Samarium-2 Molybdenum-2 
Ruthenium-2 Potassium-1 Zinc-1 Molybdenum-1 Terbium-1 Praesodymium-1 Fermium-1 Sulfur-1 
Nickel-2 Americium-2 Fluorine-1 Gallium-1 Platinum-1 Zinc-1 Polonium-2 Thorium-2 
Zinc-2 Indium-1 Thulium-1 Barium-1 Erbium-1 Copper-1 Cobalt-1 Iodine-1 Tin-2 Gadolinium-1 
Francium-1 Krypton-1 Zirconium-2 Lutetium-1 Copper-1 Radon-2 Curium-2 Platinum-1 
Gallium-1 Zinc-1 Gold-2 Holmium-1 Rhodium-2 Ytterbium-1 Lutetium-1 Ruthenium-2 Potassium-1 Wolfram-1 
Neon-2 Samarium-1 Selenium-2 Polonium-2 Thorium-2 Thulium-2 Fluorine-1 Phosphorus-1 
Californium-2 Germanium-1 Californium-2 Sodium-2 Lutetium-1 Francium-1 Fermium-1 Zinc-1 
Hafnium-2 Technetium-1 Neptunium-2 Zinc-1 Curium-2 Hafnium-1 Silver-2 Phosphorus-1 
Plutonium-1 Astatine-1 Cobalt-1 Potassium-1 Gadolinium-2 Krypton-1 Potassium-1 Arsenic-1 
Rhenium-1 Ytterbium-2 Francium-1 Magnesium-1 Actinium-2 Barium-1 Helium-2 Aluminum-1 
Francium-1 Curium-2 Molybdenum-2 Polonium-1 Lithium-1 Calcium-2 Zinc-1 Radon-1 Fermium-2 Zinc-1 
Krypton-1 Chlorine-2 Gadolinium-2 Fluorine-1 Potassium-1 Niobium-2 Potassium-1 Thulium-1 
Niobium-1 Protactinium-1 Polonium-2 Technetium-1 Bromine-1 Dyprosium-2 Molybdenum-1 Helium-2 
Tin-1 Rhodium-2 Lithium-1 Indium-2 Lanthanum-1 Francium-2 Thorium-2 Sodium-1 Cobalt-2 Americium-2 
Zinc-1 Molybdenum-2 Vanadium-1 Barium-1 Selenium-2 Fermium-2 Technetium-1 Calcium-2 
Indium-2 Chromium-2 Europium-1 Cobalt-1 Chlorine-1 Zinc-1 Cadmium-2 Platinum-1 Potassium-1 Zinc-1 
Neon-2 Germanium-2 Beryllium-2 Titanium-2 Actinium-2 Thulium-1 Hafnium-2 Potassium-1 
Magnesium-2 Krypton-1 Americium-2 Neptunium-2 Nickel-1 Hafnium-2 Krypton-2 Germanium-1 
Californium-2 Samarium-2 Gadolinium-1 Promethium-2 Cobalt-2 Aluminum-2 Aluminum-2 Selenium-2 
Manganese-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Holmium-2 Zinc-1 Bismuth-2 Iron-1 Chromium-1 Tellurium-2 Samarium-2 
Radium-2 Chlorine-2 Francium-1 Rhenium-2 Lanthanum-1 Lithium-2 Sodium-2 Zinc-1 Indium-2 Germanium-1 
Rhenium-2 Zinc-1 Oxygen-1 Polonium-2 Thulium-1 Lithium-1 Berkelium-1 Gallium-1 Chromium-1 Vanadium-1 
Potassium-1 Rhodium-1 Hafnium-2 Chromium-1 Ytterbium-1 Dyprosium-1 Hafnium-2 Gadolinium-1 
Americium-2 Actinium-1 Platinum-1 Platinum-2 Tellurium-2 Lead-2 Krypton-1 Tellurium-1 
Molybdenum-1 Ytterbium-2 Plutonium-1 Bismuth-2 Lithium-1 Gadolinium-2 Platinum-2 Potassium-1 
Bismuth-2 Californium-2 Aluminum-2 Gallium-1 Oxygen-1 Lutetium-1 Gallium-1 Antimony-2 
Zinc-1 Aluminum-2 Cobalt-2 Helium-1 Lanthanum-1 Tellurium-2 Phosphorus-1 Cadmium-2 
Zinc-1 Niobium-2 Nitrogen-1 Lanthanum-1 Protactinium-1 Lanthanum-1 Berkelium-1 Praesodymium-2 
Fermium-2 Plutonium-1 Yttrium-1 Erbium-2 Krypton-1 Fermium-2 Platinum-1 Berkelium-1 
Manganese-1 Hafnium-2 Bismuth-2 Praesodymium-1 Fermium-2 Francium-1 Potassium-1 Potassium-1 
Indium-2 Erbium-1 Erbium-1 Mercury-1 Potassium-1 Iridium-1 Barium-2 Curium-1 Europium-1 Protactinium-1 
Mercury-1 Indium-1 Molybdenum-2 Europium-1 Tantalium-2 Indium-1 Fermium-2 Calcium-1 
Americium-2 Oxygen-1 Francium-1 Germanium-2 Zinc-1 Molybdenum-2 Iridium-2 Oxygen-1 
Fermium-1 Protactinium-1 Gallium-1 Thulium-2 Zinc-1 Astatine-1 Holmium-2 Europium-1 
Radium-1 Holmium-2 Zirconium-2 Helium-2 Erbium-1 Bismuth-2 Iron-1 Zinc-1 Silver-2 Tellurium-1 
Vanadium-1 Polonium-2 Nickel-2 Vanadium-1 Vanadium-1 Silver-2 Chromium-1 Europium-1 
Scandium-2 Germanium-1 Vanadium-1 Yttrium-1 Indium-1 Lithium-1 Cadmium-2 Rhenium-2 
Cesium-1 Zinc-1 Silver-1 Mercury-1 Potassium-1 Germanium-1 Americium-2 Tellurium-2 
Zinc-1 Chlorine-2 Neodymium-2 Lithium-2 Strontium-2 Yttrium-1 Palladium-2 Hafnium-2 
Potassium-1 Gadolinium-2 Gadolinium-1 Neodymium-1 Gold-2 Carbon-1 Lithium-2 Vanadium-1 
Tantalium-2 Einsteinium-1 Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Fluorine-1 Gold-1 Potassium-1 Neptunium-1 
Indium-2 Erbium-2 Neptunium-1 Manganese-1 Americium-2 Tantalium-1 Thulium-2 Barium-1 
Fluorine-1 Potassium-1 Radon-2 Protactinium-2 Samarium-1 Lanthanum-2 Cerium-1 Gallium-2 
Calcium-1 Germanium-1 Vanadium-1 Protactinium-2 Protactinium-2 Hafnium-1 Curium-2 Lanthanum-2 
Iodine-1 Tin-2 Zinc-1 Plutonium-2 Lutetium-1 Fermium-1 Beryllium-2 Zinc-1 Lithium-1 Molybdenum-1 
Tantalium-1 Oxygen-1 Californium-2 Plutonium-1 Fluorine-1 Xenon-2 Rhodium-2 Oxygen-1 
Rubidium-1 Cerium-2 Actinium-1 Beryllium-2 Einsteinium-1 Ytterbium-1 Zinc-1 Aluminum-1 
Holmium-2 Fluorine-1 Fermium-2 Lithium-1 Lutetium-1 Boron-1 Hafnium-2 Curium-2 Gadolinium-2 Curium-2 
Silver-2 Technetium-1 Samarium-2 Fermium-1 Iridium-1 Thorium-2 Rubidium-2 Mercury-1 
Astatine-2 Molybdenum-2 Zinc-1 Copper-2 Polonium-1 Fermium-1 Ytterbium-1 Cobalt-2 
Praesodymium-2 Tantalium-1 Nickel-1 Krypton-1 Lanthanum-2 Mercury-1 Germanium-1 Radon-2 
Chlorine-2 Cerium-2 Lanthanum-2 Lithium-2 Neptunium-2 Thorium-1 Europium-1 Gadolinium-2 
Cadmium-2 Lithium-1 Wolfram-1 Oxygen-1 Xenon-2 Platinum-1 Magnesium-1 Holmium-1 Niobium-1 Magnesium-2 
Hafnium-1 Sodium-1 Mercury-1 Hafnium-2 Vanadium-1 Magnesium-1 Aluminum-2 Samarium-2 
Magnesium-2 Rubidium-1 Zinc-1 Aluminum-2 Silver-2 Vanadium-1 Gallium-1 Iodine-1 Europium-1 Fluorine-1 
Platinum-1 Dyprosium-1 Calcium-2 Beryllium-2 Magnesium-1 Nitrogen-1 Molybdenum-2 Neptunium-2 
Molybdenum-2 Xenon-2 Arsenic-2 Magnesium-1 Zinc-1 Neodymium-1 Lanthanum-1 Lanthanum-1 
Promethium-2 Zinc-1 Californium-2 Cerium-2 Americium-1 Arsenic-2 Sodium-2 Potassium-1 
Californium-2 Francium-1 Molybdenum-1 Thulium-2 Nitrogen-1 Fluorine-1 Helium-2 Thorium-2 
Dyprosium-2 Holmium-1 Aluminum-2 Dyprosium-2 Hafnium-1 Zinc-1 Cadmium-2 Krypton-1 
Aluminum-2 Manganese-1 Berkelium-1 Phosphorus-1 Tin-2 Zinc-2 Krypton-1 Cadmium-1 
Magnesium-1 Nickel-2 Iron-1 Ytterbium-1 Tin-2 Polonium-2 Strontium-1 Gallium-1 Iron-2 Bismuth-2 
Gadolinium-1 Americium-1 Wolfram-1 Fermium-1 Rhenium-2 Neodymium-1 Molybdenum-2 Curium-2 
Ytterbium-1 Hafnium-2 Lithium-1 Nitrogen-1 Zinc-1 Radon-1 Osmium-2 Indium-1 Lutetium-2 Manganese-1 
Gallium-2 Germanium-2 Manganese-1 Francium-1 Cobalt-2 Technetium-2 Dyprosium-2 Oxygen-1 
Hafnium-2 Lead-1 Promethium-1 Iodine-1 Thorium-2 Americium-2 Fermium-2 Selenium-2 
Americium-2 Gallium-1 Einsteinium-1 Ytterbium-1 Oxygen-1 Californium-1 Francium-1 Chromium-1 
Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 Molybdenum-2 Indium-2 Samarium-2 Lanthanum-2 Fermium-1 Titanium-2 
Ruthenium-1 Neptunium-2 Potassium-1 Cadmium-1 Zinc-1 Berkelium-1 Manganese-1 Chlorine-2 
Rhodium-2 Sulfur-1 Neptunium-1 Rubidium-2 Aluminum-1 Cobalt-2 Californium-2 Phosphorus-1 
Lithium-1 Fermium-2 Gallium-1 Einsteinium-1 Calcium-2 Fluorine-1 Krypton-1 Fermium-1 
Germanium-1 Radium-2 Gallium-2 Fermium-1 Indium-1 Wolfram-1 Nickel-2 Zinc-1 Strontium-1 Thorium-1 
Polonium-2 Molybdenum-2 Terbium-2 Iron-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Manganese-1 Chromium-1 Molybdenum-1 
Molybdenum-2 Copper-1 Neptunium-1 Helium-1 Zinc-1 Lanthanum-1 Ytterbium-1 Samarium-2 
Lutetium-1 Niobium-1 Lithium-1 Iridium-2 Gold-1 Krypton-1 Gallium-1 Fermium-1 Erbium-2 Chlorine-1 
Oxygen-1 Neodymium-1 Oxygen-1 Europium-1 Ytterbium-1 Chlorine-1 Lithium-1 Polonium-2 
Lithium-1 Astatine-1 Radium-1 Chlorine-1 Chlorine-2 Hafnium-2 Lanthanum-1 Polonium-2 
Samarium-2 Oxygen-1 Vanadium-1 Erbium-2 Holmium-2 Actinium-1 Potassium-1 Erbium-1 
Aluminum-1 Erbium-2 Nitrogen-1 Tin-2 Iron-2 Oxygen-1 Krypton-1 Phosphorus-1 Lithium-2 Nitrogen-1 
Silver-2 Ruthenium-2 Barium-2 Vanadium-1 Arsenic-1 Zinc-1 Titanium-2 Krypton-1 Palladium-2 Plutonium-2 
Zinc-1 Chlorine-2 Potassium-1 Iridium-1 Polonium-2 Neodymium-1 Titanium-1 Protactinium-1 
Thulium-1 Iron-1 Thulium-1 Wolfram-1 Calcium-1 Rhenium-1 Lanthanum-2 Hafnium-2 Gallium-1 Lutetium-1 
Beryllium-2 Titanium-2 Tantalium-2 Beryllium-1 Helium-1 Potassium-1 Oxygen-1 Germanium-1 
Yttrium-1 Dyprosium-1 Neptunium-1 Polonium-2 Helium-2 Potassium-1 Hafnium-2 Germanium-1 
Curium-2 Silver-2 Krypton-1 Xenon-2 Zinc-1 Aluminum-2 Holmium-2 Xenon-1 Selenium-1 Holmium-1 
Lithium-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Nitrogen-1 Tantalium-1 Platinum-2 Selenium-1 Holmium-2 Thulium-2 Francium-1 
Ruthenium-2 Yttrium-1 Lanthanum-1 Holmium-2 Zinc-2 Lithium-2 Iridium-2 Curium-1 Californium-2 Iron-2 
Manganese-1 Aluminum-1 Nickel-1 Cesium-1 Krypton-2 Krypton-1 Tantalium-2 Molybdenum-2 
Xenon-1 Barium-1 Magnesium-2 Chlorine-2 Gadolinium-1 Lanthanum-1 Krypton-1 Promethium-2 
Xenon-1 Chlorine-2 Krypton-1 Xenon-2 Gallium-1 Magnesium-2 Sodium-2 Hafnium-2 Lanthanum-1 Radium-2 
Zinc-1 Indium-2 Lanthanum-2 Zinc-1 Thorium-1 Krypton-1 Chlorine-2 Neon-1 Ruthenium-1 Protactinium-2 
Gallium-1 Holmium-1 Potassium-1 Rhodium-2 Zinc-1 Holmium-2 Krypton-1 Germanium-1 
Krypton-1 Dyprosium-2 Germanium-1 Zinc-1 Californium-2 Radon-1 Chlorine-2 Iodine-1 
Cobalt-1 Protactinium-1 Chromium-1 Boron-1 Neptunium-2 Potassium-1 Cobalt-2 Cerium-1 
Gallium-1 Indium-2 Mercury-1 Rhodium-2 Rhodium-2 Polonium-2 Strontium-1 Manganese-1 
Nickel-1 Lutetium-1 Silver-2 Molybdenum-2 Fluorine-1 Zinc-1 Molybdenum-2 Arsenic-2 
Fermium-2 Magnesium-1 Holmium-1 Ytterbium-1 Iron-1 Zinc-1 Zinc-1 Lanthanum-1 Selenium-2 Cobalt-2 
Gallium-1 Samarium-1 Neptunium-1 Holmium-1 Molybdenum-2 Californium-2 Promethium-2 Nickel-2 
Actinium-1 Zinc-2 Potassium-1 Cobalt-2 Bromine-1 Beryllium-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Zinc-1 Sodium-1 
Krypton-1 Cobalt-2 Samarium-2 Copper-2 Aluminum-1 Xenon-1 Carbon-1 Arsenic-2 Dyprosium-1 Potassium-1 
Hafnium-1 Thulium-2 Lead-2 Potassium-1 Berkelium-1 Samarium-2 Barium-2 Germanium-2 
Lanthanum-1 Fluorine-1 Aluminum-2 Potassium-1 Beryllium-1 Radium-1 Einsteinium-1 Francium-1 
Iron-1 Zinc-2 Americium-1 Zinc-1 Nickel-2 Barium-1 Potassium-1 Americium-2 Zinc-1 Technetium-1 
Thorium-2 Gallium-2 Thorium-1 Zinc-1 Molybdenum-2 Rhodium-1 Praesodymium-2 Polonium-2 
Tellurium-1 Promethium-2 Bromine-2 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Radium-2 Bismuth-2 Zinc-1 Nitrogen-1 Yttrium-1 
Francium-1 Holmium-1 Bismuth-2 Cobalt-2 Phosphorus-1 Niobium-1 Samarium-2 Tellurium-2 
Krypton-1 Nickel-1 Zinc-2 Lanthanum-1 Lithium-1 Promethium-2 Lutetium-1 Aluminum-2 
Lutetium-1 Iridium-2 Selenium-1 Hafnium-2 Gallium-1 Zinc-1 Tantalium-1 Neon-2 Zinc-1 Lutetium-1 
Thorium-1 Aluminum-2 Gadolinium-1 Berkelium-1 Zinc-1 Californium-2 Gadolinium-2 Oxygen-1 
Americium-2 Thorium-1 Niobium-2 Lutetium-1 Cobalt-2 Curium-2 Molybdenum-2 Copper-2 
Rhodium-2 Fermium-2 Lutetium-2 Europium-2 Silver-2 Plutonium-2 Fluorine-1 Rhenium-1 
Promethium-2 Cobalt-1 Samarium-2 Strontium-1 Einsteinium-1 Lead-2 Rhodium-2 Manganese-1 
Thorium-1 Tellurium-1 Krypton-1 Rhenium-1 Neodymium-1 Zinc-2 Cesium-1 Copper-2 Ytterbium-1 Californium-2 
Copper-2 Lead-1 Krypton-1 Vanadium-1 Astatine-1 Germanium-1 Sodium-1 Holmium-2 Potassium-1 Gallium-1 
Neptunium-1 Hafnium-2 Oxygen-1 Zinc-1 Thulium-2 Molybdenum-2 Dyprosium-2 Chlorine-2 
Nitrogen-1 Holmium-2 Cobalt-2 Titanium-1 Dyprosium-2 Yttrium-1 Thulium-2 Bromine-1 
Thulium-1 Antimony-1 Californium-2 Tin-2 Samarium-2 Zinc-1 Gold-2 Astatine-2 Mercury-1 Actinium-1 
Thorium-1 Lutetium-2 Mercury-1 Cobalt-2 Rhodium-1 Magnesium-2 Gadolinium-1 Rubidium-1 
Aluminum-2 Zinc-1 Californium-2 Neptunium-2 Oxygen-1 Yttrium-1 Holmium-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Copper-2 
Curium-2 Calcium-1 Einsteinium-1 Ytterbium-1 Antimony-2 Samarium-2 Germanium-1 Neon-2 
Barium-2 Tantalium-2 Gold-1 Aluminum-2 Potassium-1 Praesodymium-2 Manganese-1 Astatine-2 
Zinc-1 Potassium-1 Chlorine-2 Holmium-1 Scandium-1 Curium-1 Iron-1 Zinc-1 Krypton-1 Francium-1 
Zinc-1 Manganese-1 Xenon-2 Erbium-1 Nickel-2 Xenon-1 Neodymium-2 Krypton-1 Yttrium-1 Platinum-2 
Californium-2 Silver-2 Gadolinium-1 Molybdenum-1 Germanium-1 Palladium-2 Holmium-1 Iridium-2 
Polonium-2 Astatine-2 Neptunium-2 Beryllium-2 Lead-2 Lithium-1 Neodymium-2 Cobalt-2 
Zinc-1 Plutonium-1 Holmium-2 Krypton-1 Neptunium-1 Iridium-1 Germanium-1 Krypton-1 
Chromium-1 Cesium-2 Platinum-2 Krypton-1 Krypton-1 Rubidium-1 Einsteinium-1 Lead-1 
Tantalium-2 Zinc-1 Californium-2 Hafnium-1 Rhenium-1 Lanthanum-1 Xenon-1 Potassium-1 
Francium-1 Cerium-1 Hafnium-1 Radium-2 Francium-1 Carbon-1 Cobalt-2 Plutonium-1 Nickel-2 Zinc-1 
Cerium-2 Lanthanum-1 Gadolinium-1 Plutonium-2 Dyprosium-2 Neon-1 Krypton-1 Sodium-2 
Palladium-2 Silver-2 Erbium-2 Molybdenum-1 Germanium-1 Helium-2 Californium-2 Thorium-2 
Helium-1 Germanium-1 Xenon-1 Bismuth-2 Lutetium-1 Zinc-1 Beryllium-1 Holmium-2 Aluminum-2 Praesodymium-1 
Aluminum-2 Helium-2 Oxygen-1 Gadolinium-2 Nickel-1 Zinc-1 Fermium-1 Chromium-1 Berkelium-1 Magnesium-2 
Ruthenium-1 Helium-1 Cobalt-2 Polonium-2 Holmium-2 Nitrogen-1 Cobalt-1 Potassium-1 
Bismuth-2 Sodium-1 Gold-2 Lanthanum-1 Holmium-2 Thulium-2 Carbon-1 Cobalt-1 Polonium-1 Aluminum-2 
Hafnium-1 Potassium-1 Strontium-2 Zinc-1 Helium-1 Radium-2 Thulium-1 Thulium-1 Potassium-1 Francium-1 
Chlorine-2 Magnesium-2 Silver-2 Lanthanum-1 Mercury-1 Krypton-1 Californium-2 Radium-2 
Plutonium-2 Xenon-1 Hafnium-1 Vanadium-1 Francium-1 Xenon-2 Iron-2 Mercury-1 Thorium-2 Vanadium-1 
Hafnium-2 Lutetium-2 Einsteinium-1 Hafnium-1 Helium-1 Iron-1 Francium-1 Selenium-2 
Gold-2 Mercury-1 Thorium-2 Francium-1 Fermium-1 Tellurium-2 Beryllium-2 Mercury-1 
Wolfram-1 Cobalt-2 Praesodymium-1 Krypton-1 Neon-1 Krypton-1 Nickel-2 Promethium-2 
Holmium-2 Neodymium-1 Manganese-1 Fermium-2 Zinc-1 Bismuth-2 Americium-2 Hafnium-1 
Potassium-1 Niobium-1 Tin-2 Tellurium-2 Gadolinium-1 Rubidium-2 Oxygen-1 Technetium-1 
Gold-1 Oxygen-1 Iodine-1 Holmium-1 Curium-2 Holmium-2 Aluminum-2 Cobalt-2 Fermium-1 Rhenium-1 
Erbium-1 Helium-1 Holmium-1 Fluorine-1 Francium-1 Neon-2 Europium-1 Rhodium-2 Holmium-1 Hafnium-2 
Fluorine-1 Europium-1 Europium-2 Helium-1 Rhodium-2 Hafnium-2 Hafnium-2 Erbium-1 
Gold-2 Hafnium-1 Thorium-2 Hafnium-2 Fluorine-1 Iron-2 Europium-1 Holmium-1 Helium-1 Hafnium-2 
Vanadium-1 Iron-2 Europium-1 Thorium-2 Xenon-1 Vanadium-1 Fluorine-1 Gold-2 Iron-2 Thorium-2 
Rhodium-2 Hafnium-2 Francium-1 Cerium-2 Germanium-2 Helium-1 Xenon-1 Fermium-1 Molybdenum-2 Iron-2 
Cobalt-1 Molybdenum-2 Fermium-1 Francium-1 Holmium-2 Molybdenum-1 Platinum-1 Magnesium-2 
Astatine-2 Erbium-1 Helium-2 Zinc-1 Cadmium-2 Technetium-1 Strontium-1 Cobalt-2 Zinc-1 Xenon-1 
Germanium-1 Promethium-1 Arsenic-2 Holmium-2 Iron-1 Lead-2 Neptunium-2 Platinum-1 
Promethium-1 Platinum-1 Protactinium-1 Platinum-1 Neptunium-2 Neptunium-2 Platinum-2 Yttrium-1 
Neodymium-2 Europium-2 Technetium-1 Niobium-1 Neodymium-2 Astatine-2 Zinc-1 Neodymium-1 
Palladium-2 Antimony-2 Fluorine-1 Polonium-1 Mercury-1 Ytterbium-2