Perl programmers using the Gtk2::* modules often need to refer to the C GTK+ API reference page that corresponds to a Perl class. Here's a handy bookmarklet to make that easier:

Perl to GTK+ API Reference Bookmarklet

To try it out ...

  1. highlight one of the Perl class names listed below (double clicking might work for you)
  2. then click the bookmarklet link above

You should be taken to the C API reference page that matches the Perl classname you selected. Here's a random selection of Perl Gtk2 class names to test with:

And here's a typical object hierarchy (don't worry if clicking selects the +--- bit it should still work):


If you find the bookmarklet useful, drag it to your bookmarks menu/toolbar.

The simple translation algorithm doesn't always work, but if you use the bookmarklet with nothing highlighted then it will take you to the API documentation home page and you can follow your nose from there.